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The core motivation for Aumsat Technologies LLP’s innovative solution arises from the global imperative of efficient water management, especially in the wake of escalating climate challenges. Historically, the inefficiencies in water distribution were attributed to outdated leak detection systems, which relied heavily on traditional survey-based and SCADA methods, leading to significant water pipeline losses, increased energy consumption, and consequent economic drains. This dilemma persisted mainly due to systemic inertia, lack of modern technological awareness, and potential initial investment fears. Aumsat Technologies LLP’s AI and satellite-based hydro analytics solution detects and predicts water leakage at a substantially reduced cost. By conserving significant water volumes, the innovation also aids in generating water credits. These credits quantify the tangible impact of water saved or Non-Revenue Water (NRW) reduced, thereby presenting a sustainable, economical, and environmentally conscious approach aligned with the emphasis on innovative climate finance for a water-secure future.

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