Tele-Bere Green Agro Farms


Tele-Bere Green Agro Farms - Ghana

Tele-Bere offers small solar-powered irrigation systems for smallholder forest and farm producers in Northern Ghana. Tele-Bere initiated its journey out of the need to empower rural forest and farm producers to increase their incomes and employment through the provision of decent green jobs. Northern Ghana is particularly challenged by a long dry season that could last up to nine months with very little prospects for income-generating activities. The attempt by most government programmes to deal with the issue has been mainly through the provision of small dams which have been mostly unsuccessful due to the impacts of climate change on rainfall patterns in the region. Having lived and worked in Ghana for close to a decade and determined to change the very high levels of migration out of the north to southern Ghana during the dry season, Tele-Bere’s founder, Mark Kebo Akparibo, decided to find a solution to the lack of water for agricultural production during the dry season. Tele-Bere was birthed in August 2021 with Mark’s innovative solar-powered irrigation systems that take advantage of Ghana’s high levels of sunshine and provide clean energy for sustainable irrigation to smallholder forest and farm producers across the semi-arid northern savanna regions of Northern Ghana.

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