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FAMS Design Solution Private Limited - India

The company has developed an Indigenous open-source web GIS-based Decision Support portal called “FAMS Intelligence” which helps people and organizations to manage water-climate-agriculture-energy related challenges with the best information and insights. The FAMS Intelligence dashboard is created to support IoT data a smartphone app that gives the visibility of work progress across various projects undertaken by the client. The progress of each project is updated on a daily basis using a smartphone-based mobile application and data is seamlessly integrated in the central dashboard. The progress of a particular project can be analysed on a daily basis, issues can be tracked and further analyses are done to provide various heat maps to visualise the performance of each project. Therefore, the designed product is India’s first Web-based GIS Portal integrated with a mobile application for sustainable decision-making intended for climate, water and agriculture, and energy security. The platform provides Interaction between Forecasters and Users to Improve Forecasts, From Early Warning to Early Action.

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