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Mc Sky's Food Planet Nig Ltd


Mc Sky's Food Planet Nig Ltd - Nigeria

Sustainable and equitable access to safe drinking water remains a challenge in Nigeria. The founder of MC SKY’S FOOD PLANET NIG comes from a community where there is no piped water. By 5 a.m, women and children are up trekking miles, climbing hills and risking attacks by wild animals just to fetch drinking water from an unclean source. It is estimated that over 66.3 million Nigerians lack access to clean drinking water and according to UNICEF over 100,000 children die annually in Nigeria due to water-borne diseases. To help solve this problem the company provides all-encompassing clean water solutions. It produces portable drinking water in sachets using Automated Variable Filtration(AVF) technology which helps it deliver the highest quality water at substantially reduced costs for an average Nigerian. The company partners with individuals, households and schools in underserved and at-risk communities to establish comprehensive home water treatment solutions, providing solar-powered boreholes with cutting-edge, and contextualized water treatment machines. Through a special ‘lease-to-own model’, beneficiaries pay small monthly subscription fees making it possible for them to have their own personal safe drinking water source.

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