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Water is an indispensable resource for nature and human development. With modernization, water infrastructure increasingly relies on artificial facilities like reservoirs, treatment plants, and pipelines – prioritizing drainage in buildings and roads. This approach has led to groundwater overdraft, subsidence, and flooding in cities, exacerbated by climate change. JW Eco-Technology offers a comprehensive solution focused on on-site water recycling to address too much, too little, and too dirty water. Specifically, the “on-site recycling” system is achieved through:

1. JW permeable pavement enables on-site infiltration to address excessive water. With conduits and concrete, it achieves high permeability (>12,000mm/hr) and load-bearing capacity (>510kgf/cm2) unmatched by conventional permeable paving. It is also sustainable with a 30+ year lifespan.

2. JW load-bearing rainwater harvesting modules enable on-site storage to address water scarcity. They have 95%+ water storage and >1000kN/m2 compressive strength, reducing evaporation and pollution. This lowers water footprint and improves utilization.

3. JW pavement wetland ecosystems enable on-site purification to address water pollution. Conduits enable aeration, creating biodiverse microbial ecosystems that can purify rain and wastewater. JW Eco-Technology can harness heavy rainfall (600mm/24hrs) as a resource and provide stable water in arid areas. By enabling natural recycling and coexistence with water, JW Eco-Technology offers infrastructure solutions for global water issues.

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