South Korea

SSENG - South Korea

The Rapid Sand Filtration (RSF) system was developed in 1884 by A. Hyatt in the US and has been the most commonly used method of water treatment for about 140 years. The RSF system consists of 4 unit processes: coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, and filtration. The water treatment time of the 4-unit processes in the RST system is 5 minutes for coagulation, 25 minutes for flocculation, 4 hours for sedimentation, and 30 minutes for sand filtration, totaling about 5 hours (=300 mins). In contrast, SSENG’s micro-fibre filtration system consists of only 2 processes: coagulation and fibre filtration. The water treatment time is 1 second for coagulation and 3 minutes for fibre filtration, totalling about 3 minutes.

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