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Blexce Global - Zambia

The innovation, BLEXCE Water, addresses the pressing global issue of water scarcity and lack of access to clean drinking water. At its core, BLEXCE Water leverages advanced water-from-air technology, tapping into the vast water content present in the atmosphere to produce safe and potable water. The innovation harnesses renewable solar and wind energy to power the entire water production process. The system captures air, which contains an astonishing amount of fresh water, enough to cover the earth’s surface with 3 cm of rain if condensed. By filtering the air to remove impurities and extracting water content through condensation, BLEXCE Water secures a natural and sustainable source of water. The collected water then undergoes a rigorous triple filtration process and UV treatment, ensuring it meets the highest purity standards. This ensures that the water produced is safe for various applications, including drinking, cooking, farming, cleaning, sanitation, and even industrial purposes. By utilizing renewable energy sources, BLEXCE Water effectively reduces its carbon footprint and environmental impact, promoting a more sustainable future. The system can be tailored to cater to the unique needs of diverse communities, ranging from small villages to large urban centres. This adaptability allows the company to provide targeted solutions, making clean water accessible to those who need it most.

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